Polis University and Co-PLAN Institute are an international university annex consultancy at Tirana in Albania. Having heard me speak about ?The Poverty of Territorialism? in Vienna, Rudina Toto invited me to speak there on Europe Day (see the graphics). Yes: on 9 May we commemorate the Schuman Declaration of 1950 vintage leading to the European Coal and Steel Community, predecessor of the European Union: An occasion to reflect on the divergent ideas of participants from (Western) Europe (for the occasion including Italy) starting with Winston Churchill?s call for a United States of Europe (apparently without the United Kingdom) having led to no more, but also no less than the Council of Europe going strong on human rights. As against this, the Schuman Plan stood for functional integration, so shortly after the war of eminent importance. Subjecting coal and steel production in Germany and France and in the four other member states to the control of an international ‘High Authority? – with Jean Monnet the President – would – and did! – make their re-tooling for another round of the European civil war impossible. From there, European integration took its twisted course remaining, as we know, hotly debated. My book suggesting – not as the only one – that this would take us into a more ‘new-medieval? future, with the Western Balkans a possible test bed. This is not meant to be pejorative or even ironic. While the – belated – emergence of nation-states there seems to be evidence of territorialism at work, I sense the re-emergence and re-assertion of mixed and fuzzy identities. 

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