Dear friend of the TU Delft,

Sign up for the symposium Education for Water Resilient Cities at the website:

We have decided to concentrate the symposium on just one day, May 14th, from 10:00 to 17:30 in ROOM C (Faculty of Architecture, Julianalaan 134, Delft). The schedule for that day remains unchanged. See the updated programme at

We hope you will be able to join us on that day to discuss how to educate young planners and designers to deliver sustainable, climate resilient, water friendly cities.

Apart from keynote speeches by Amy Sharrocks, Nikki Brand, NCKU, ARCADIS, The Centre for the Living City, invited guests and our own water education experts (Fransje Hooimeijer, Taneha Bacchin and Kristel Aalbers), there will be a series of short exercises in which we will ask you to contribute with ideas and short statements. The idea is to produce is a joint statement to be sent to the World Urban Campaign, the UN-Habitat section that promotes discussion on the New Urban Agenda. Your participation is highly appreciated. We also expect to produce a report with the main conclusions of the discussion.

We hope to see you on Monday May 14th, from 10:00 in ROOM C, faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Julianalaan 134, Delft.

See you on Monday!
Best wishes,

Roberto Rocco

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