An SPS Seminar by Emma Puerari

Thursday March 30, 12h30-13h30 THINK ROOM at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (BK), Julianalaan 134, Delft.


The desire of urban community groups to take greater control and responsibility for their own lives and neighbourhoods is a long-term fundamental trend. Citizens are increasingly teaming up in coalitions of new city makers, challenging the traditional approaches of urban planning and governance models in urban service provision. Therefore, cities are called to establish open processes in order to create innovative urban public services able to answer to citizens’ needs. While public services are innovated, different governance models in service provision are experimented through continuous and complex processes, aiming to answer to new challenges, demands and priorities. The lecture will present: (1) the key variables of urban public service innovation processes and the relationship between such processes and the related governance models; (2) participatory design practices and principles as a strategy to act in the city, within a transition management perspective.

Short Bio

Emma Puerari is PostDoc Research Fellow at the Faculty of Industrial Design – Delft University of Technology. She is working on the “Participatory City Making” project (, developed by TU Delft in collaboration with DRIFT (Dutch Research Institute for Transitions). Her research focuses on how governance models and their interplay with the innovation of urban public services can foster, enable and drive sustainability transitions at the urban scale. She has been member of research groups of Politecnico di Milano that worked on the European Projects MyNeighbourhood (CIP PSP Grant Agreement no. 325227) and Periphèria (CIP PSP Grant Agreement no. 271015). She was the manager, for DAStU, Polimi, of the Italian pilot of the European Project Erasmus+ CPIP (

She obtained a PhD in Territorial Design and Government at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Politecnico di Milano (IT). She is an Architect by education. She attended the course “European Module in Spatial Development Planning” at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE). She did a period of stage to develop her research at UDSU, Strathclyde University (UK).


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