Today, the final presentation of the European Master of Urbanism (EMU). The EMU is a flagship post-Master programme given in a consortium of four leading European universities: TU Delft (NL), KU Leuven (BE), Politecnica de Catalunya (ES) and IUAV Venice (IT). This is a special programme because students who already have a Master title go very deep into the worlds of Spatial Planning and Design, and have the opportunity to experience very different planning and design traditions. Students typically follow one year at the host university, then move on to one of the other partners in the consortium. Their graduation project follows. The total duration of  this post-master programme is 2 years.

In this case, students at TU Delft followed the Urban Region Networks course. This semester addresses the strategic role of urban planning and metropolitan/regional design for networked city regions. A specific emphasis is given to the role of mobility, transport and infrastructure. The studio is led by Alexander Wandl and Roberto Rocco, the Methodology course is given by Vincent Nadin and Dominic Stead, the Technology course is given by Bardia Mashhoodi  and Theory course by Wil Zonneveld and Gregory Bracken.



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