15223274796_cfe3422bf5_kAkkelies van Nes was invited to give a keynote lecture at the Norwegian dwelling and urban planning association ( BOBY ) on the international women’s day 8th March 2016. The title on the lecture was: “Kvinnestrategi og -kultur innen byplanlegging” (translated to: “Female strategy and culture in urban planning”). The main message of this lecture is that we need first of all to understand how women use and perceive urban space in relation to men before we can make strategies on how to make pubic space attractive for women as well as men. Some results from research was presented. As it turns out from the few results we have from research, women tend to avoid spatially segregated streets with no or few windows and doors directly connected to streets on buildings’ ground floor level. Still, we need more results from research, before we can make successful urban planning strategies for encouraging the female “flaneuse” on the same level as the male “flaneur.”

There were other female architects holding presentations on the spatial parametres on making cities safe and lively for women as well for children. Likewise, some statistics were shown, such as the number of female architects in relation to male architects in leading positions, and the salary differences between female and male architects in private and public sector. Even Norway is known to be in front with gender equality, there is still a gap between men and women in terms of income for doing the same job.

Here is the link to the website: Kan likestilling fremmes gjennom god byplanlegging?

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