Carlos Morales (IHS, Erasmus University, Rotterdam)

About Carlos Morales

Carlos H. Morales-Schechinger is a senior expert on urban land at IHS (Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies) Erasmus University at Rotterdam. He runs the MSc specialization on Urban Land Development, the research workshop on Land Value Capture instruments and the diploma course on Land Management and Informal Settlements Regularisation. He also lectures on finance, housing and urban spatial theories and he has supervised more than 30 master thesis related to urban land topics. He has given advice, been a speaker, and/or a lectured on land issues in Albania, Czech Republic, Dagestan, Georgia, Netherlands, USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, Egypt, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba and Guatemala. Source: IHS 

The lecture: Financing plans and projects with land value

A parcel with a permit to build can be 5 times more valuable than a parcel without a permit. When local governments plan land uses, they sweep wealth from one side of the city to the other. And they do it for free. With a click in their GIS they change a land use from green to yellow and make the land owners very rich. They have the “power of the mouse”. But on the other hand they struggle to get funds to finance amenities and infrastructure needed to implement such land use change. The Economist Donald Shoup asked once “Why is it so difficult to fund public infrastructure that increases the value of serviced land by more than the costs of serviced land?” This lecture will argue that the most valuable asset that cities have is in their land, that they have power over it and are entitled to use such wealth, and that there is a wide variety of under-utilised instruments to mobilize it for the benefit of the city.

Download the PDF of the lecture HERE.

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