Ina Klaasen (NL), Associate Professor SPS

Dear friends and colleagues,

We regret to inform you that on Sunday August 2nd, whilst on holidays in Italy, Ina Klaasen passed away. She was 68 years of age.

Ina was a retired Associate Professor at the Section of Spatial Planning and Strategy at the Department of Urbanism of the TU delft, but she had still a tight connection with the department of Urbanism. Ina was currently coaching PhD candidates.

A short bio (*from the TU Delft website)

Shortly after finishing her studies, Ina Klaasen started working at TU Delft as assistant professor in the Urban Design chair of Niek de Boer. In the 1980s, she chaired the Inter-university Planning Study Group Organisation, became a member of the Board of a Dutch Planners Organisation (BSP, linked to NIROV); later on she became one of the editors of the Journal  Stedebouw en Volkshuisvesting (now Stedebouw en Ruimtelijke Ordening).

She represented the Faculty of Architecture in the task group Technische Bestuurskunde from which the present Faculty TBM evolved. In 2002 she received an Aspasia grant from NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). Her doctoral dissertation “Knowledge-based Design – Developing Urban and Regional Design into a Science” was written in 2003.

She supervised/s, as co-promotor, several Phd candidates.

She became politically active (for D66) both in the provincial council of North-Holland and as advisor of her Party members in Parliament on Spatial Planning. She participated/s also in the board of a number of social organisations.

Her education included:

Physical Geography, University of Amsterdam (additional subjects: Environmental Studies (Ibid.)

Physical Planning (Wageningen University)

Interdisciplinary Study Group Urbanism (Delft): 1965-1974

Core Program Philosophy (Open University of the Netherlands) 1995 -1997

Ina’s funeral will take place on WEDNESDAY AUG 12  at 12:30 in the AULAKAMER, of  the NIEUWE OOSTER, at KRUISLAAN 126 in Amsterdam.

Our thoughts and sincere condolences go to Ina’s family and loved ones.

The Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy

On behalf of Professor Vincent Nadin

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