Co-chairs: Dominic Stead (TU Delft) , Juho Luukkonen (University of Oulu)

The EU concept of territorial cohesion is being increasingly used to frame spatial planning and regional development policies at different spatial scales across Europe (and beyond). Addressing the issue of territorial cohesion (and also social and economic cohesion) often involves multi-actor and/or multi-level approaches. This track aims to provide a forum for discussing the multi-actor and multi-level nature of policies to promote territorial cohesion, particularly in discussing the role, contribution and responsibility of planning in fostering territorial cohesion in the multi-actor arena.  The track welcomes theoretical, methodological and/or empirical (either qualitative or quantitative) contributions. Comparative studies will be particularly welcomed. These might include papers on policy analysis, policy transfer, institutional analysis or lesson drawing related to territorial cohesion, spatial planning and/or regional policy.

For further information, please  visit the AESOP website. Deadline for submission is 19 JANUARY 2015.

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