The Bike of Dorina

The Bike of Dorina

This month, Dorina Pojani, post-doc researcher of the Chair Spatial Planning and Strategy/OTB, was featured on the pages of the TU Delft on campus newspaper DELTA.  The newspaper publishes profiles of staff and students using well-humoured descriptions  their bikes as leverage.

Dorina Pojani is a postdoctoral fellow in the Spatial Planning and Strategy group of TU Delft. She works on research that focuses on processes of using, representing and translating knowledge and information related to transit-oriented development (TOD) planning concepts.

She previously taught urban planning in Albania. She completed her graduate studies in the USA and Albania, and worked for several years in urban and transportation planning in California. She has published books and several articles on transport and urban planning and is a great advocate of biking as a healthy mobility solution.

Read the full article HERE.

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