The Spatial Planning Section of the TU Delft (Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy and OTB) is a major partner in the FP-7 Planning for Energy Efficiency Cities  Research Project with several partners from all over Europe. Partners are universities and research institutes, municipalities and private companies, all working together towards understanding policies, behaviours and technology that can make our cities more energy efficient.

This month (October 2013), representatives of the PLEEC project met at the University of Copenhagen to update themselves on their activities.

Institutions present were the University of Copenhagen, hosting the event through Cristian Fertner (Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management of the University of Copenhagen), the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien,  Fachbereich Stadt- und Regionalforschung), The Malardalen University of Sweden, Turku University of Applied Sciences, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the city of Eskilstuna (Sweden).

TU Delft was represented by Roberto Rocco (SPS), who presented the report produced by Evert Meijers (OTB) on the initial expectations and knowledge of partners in the project concerning Energy Efficiency.


The objectives of the PLEEC project are:

  • “To assess the energy-saving solutions and potentials to be integrated in a comprehensive city planning

  • To demonstrate how integrative planning is more efficient than separate measures

  • To develop a synergized model for energy efficiency planning by considering the energy efficiency potential of key aspects

  • To create Action Plans to be presented to decision-makers in the cities

  • To identify the future research agenda on the issue of energy-smart cities”


More information about the project can be found HERE.

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