Great-Planning-Game-Cover-newRemon Rooij and Roberto Rocco have introduced the “Great Planning Game” in the Planning Component of the Bachelor of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of the TU Delft. The Great Planning Game is a role playing exercise where students get acquainted with different possible roles of spatial planners in today’s society and have to formulate a simple urban regeneration strategy based on the values of each different “type” of planner. The exercise was conceived by Roberto Rocco and adapted by Remon Rooij, based on a text by Karina Sehested of the University of Copenhagen. i.e. SEHESTED K . Urban planners as network managers and metagovernors . Planning Theory & Practice . 2009;10(2):245-263.

According to the official website of the University of Copenhagen, “Karina Sehested is a PhD in Social Science and Senior Researcher in the field of urban planning.
The main research area is public administration and governance with a special focus on urban planning and policy. The main research interests are new theoretical paradigms in planning, new forms of urban planning and governance, new planning cultures and planning roles and innovation in urban planning. The research methods include interaction research in close cooperation with Danish regions and local authorities”.

The aim of the game is to get students acquainted with the immense variety of roles that can be performed by spatial planners today, and with the values attached to those roles. Our understanding is that there are several new roles for spatial planners that are not covered by traditional education in planning and design and that must be introduced to students. This will hopefully help them imagine how they can engage with stakeholders, communities and governments in more creative and effective ways.

Remon Rooij is Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning and Strategy and is currently responsible for the Bachelor programme at BK-TUDelft and Roberto Rocco is Assistant Professor in Spatial Planning and Strategy.

You can read the exercise ONLINE HERE.

You can also visit the album online by clicking HERE.

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