Roberto Rocco has presented a keynote speech at the International Conference “New Urban languages: Re-Imaging the City after the Knowledge-Based Turn” at the Politecnico di Milano. Rossella Salerno and Daniele Villa of the School of Architecture and Society of the Politecnico have organized a 3-day conference to discuss issues related to knowledge and communication and conceptions of the city.

Roberto Rocco was one of four keynote speakers. The others were Franck Ekardt from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Ola Soderstrom from the University of Neuchatel and Livio Sacchi of the University of Pescara.

More than 60 papers were presented in several parallel sessions, including the progress of a large number of doctoral researches being conducted all over Europe.

The three keynote speeches revolved around knowledge formation, politics and governance. Rocco’s presentation is available HERE.  


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