The International Conference on River Basin Planning and Management happened in Taipei in May 2013. It was organised by NCKU Dean Professor Lin, Feng-Tyan and Professor Tsou, Ko-Wan and was coordinated by Dr. Ally Lu. The conference took place at the  New Taipei City Government Building in Banqiao District, New Taipei City.

The background of the conference is explained by the organisers as follows:

“After typhoon Morakot in 2009, Tsengwen, Nanhua and Wushantou Reservoirs, which are the main water resources of southern Taiwan, were seriously affected since the extreme rainfall caused massive landslides in the upstream catchment areas and deposits in the reservoirs. Land use planning and management of reservoir catchment areas and river basin become problematic yet vital environmental issues. In order to ensure the function of reservoirs, to achieve the conservation goal, to enhance the capacity of water supply, and to protect people’s lives, “Special Act for Management of Tsengwen, Nanhua, and Wushantou Reservoirs and Stabilizing Water Supply in Southern Area” was passed on April 20th, 2010. Subsequently, Ministry of Economic Affairs developed “Management Plan of Tsengwen, Nanhua , and Wushantou Reservoirs and Stabilizing Water Supply in Southern Area”. Furthermore, Urban and Rural Development Branch, Construction and Planning Agency, Ministry of Interior is commissioned to develop “Sustainable Land Use Planning of Tsengwen, Nanhua and Wushantou Reservoir Catchment Area,” to review land use and activities and propose a comprehensive and rational land use plan.

“International Conference on River Basin Planning and Management 2013”will invite international specialists and academics from USA, Japan, Netherlands, UK and Taiwan to share knowledge and practical skillsrelatingtospatial planningandstrategies, regulation and policy,post-disaster landscape restoration, transportationplanning, disaster prevention and public involvement, with a focus on upstream catchment areas and river basin. By exchanging theexperienceand ideas, the conference aims at enhancing the knowledge of and capacity for river basin planning and management.”

Vincent Nadin made a presentation critically describing the water resources management of the European Union and assessing its interconnections with Spatial Planning traditions in the Continent.

Roberto Rocco participated as commentator of one of the panels, where the results of a ongoing research on water resources management and benchmarking through a GIS visualization tool was presented.

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