On Tuesday MAY 7 from 10:30 to 11:30 (room 1WEST 060), we will receive ECO&ARQUITECTOS. They are an Ecuadorian group of developers/architects working in Guayaquil, Ecuador. As commercial developers, they are in charge of developing a neighborhood with 12.600 low cost housing units for the Ministry of Housing of that country.

We would like to invite you to come and give them feed-back on their project. After a 30 minute presentation, they will hear questions and suggestions from the audience. This is a great opportunity to learn about housing policies in Ecuador.
Hope to see you there!
Rosa Donoso-Gomez (OTB) ,Roberto Rocco (SPS) and Ana Maria Fernandez-Maldonado (SPS)
Below, you have more background about the speakers and the project:
Eco & Arquitectos (Ecuador),  visiting BKCity
When? Tuesday May 7, 10:30 – 11:30
Where?  1WEST060
Eco & Arquitectos is an architecture and real estate development firm from Ecuador with broad experience participating in the housing market as affordable housing producers for low-income families.
Eco & Arquitectos is in charge of designing and building 12.600 low-cost dwellings at a site in Guayaquil, Ecuador, under a contract with the Ecuadorian Housing Ministry. Eco & Arquitectos recognizes the importance of this development project for the Ministry, and even though construction of some phases have already started, they decided to organize visits to national and international faculties of architecture including BK at TUDelft to consult with an academic community and experts. They are looking forward to presenting their ideas and getting some feedback and comments to improve their project.
How does housing policy for low-income people work in Ecuador?
The Ecuadorian Constitution recognizes the right to housing  and the right to the city. Under this constitutional framework,  national housing policy for low-income people in Ecuador is facilitated by demand-side subsidies allowing low-income families to afford a dwelling in ownership. The subsidy helps promote both the construction and the sales of new low-cost dwellings.
Another housing policy goal is to eradicate self-built settlements located in areas that are not suitable for development. Families living in unsafe areas are relocated into dwellings that are produced by the private sector. The subsidies that these families receive are higher and the social and community aspects of the relocation process are managed by social workers of the Housing Ministry department.
Socio Vivienda II, housing development, Guayaquil – Ecuador
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