During the fourth meeting on OTB/Urbanism joint research themes, held on the 10th of April, 15.00-17.00 at the Hugo Priemus Zaal, OTB, Andeas Faludi will discuss his recent work on territorial cohesion, territorialism and territoriality.  He will review these concepts central to European spatial planning as well as related forms of planning to argue ‘…that territory can no longer be understood as a fixed entity enveloping all major aspects of social and political life but rather as the object of negotiation and compromise, open to multiple and contested interpretations.’

Subsequent to his lecture we will discuss his notions in the light of the Urbanism/OTB research themes, specifically the theme Regional Planning, Governance and Design. Under this theme we are concerned about ideas about spatial organization, their role and use in planning approaches and their performance in the context of governance.

Andreas Faludi is a Professor Spatial Policy Systems in Europa at OTB. He has held a broad range of research commissions and professorships across Europe and elsewhere. His specialisms are planning theory and methodology, the study of Dutch strategic planning and European and comparative planning about which he publishes since over 40 years.

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