Alex Wandl

Alexandre Wandl has presented at the customary lunch seminar promoted by the Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy. Wandl has spoken about the research and recently published book “Amsterwam”, which he wrote in collaboration with Frank van den Hoeven.

The book is available at

Amsterwarm contributes through the development of an area typology to the understanding of the urban heat island effect in the city of Amsterdam.
The typology makes clear how much the city of Amsterdam itself contributes to the urban heat island effect, to what extent their neighbourhoods and homes residents are exposed to the heat island effect, and where and and how the inhabitants of the city are vulnerable to its effects.
The typology is based on the physical characteristics of Amsterdam, the liveability and housing quality, and on the composition of the population in different parts of the city.
The typology provides concrete suggestions for the type of action that the city of Amsterdam can improve the welfare and comfort of its population, with a view to limiting the energy to cool buildings during hot periods.
The area typology makes it possible to make statements about specific measures / priorities for different parts of the city of Amsterdam.

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